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The National Transportation Safety Board suggested that there should be a ban on any devices, including the hands-free devices. They also added that this national ban should be a much stricter law and push towards vehicle safety. Hundreds of lives could be saved by any law that bans texting and driving although members of the American population may not be satisfied with these laws. Creating and applying new texting while driving laws could support lowering the six thousand deaths and half a million injuries caused by distracted driving. It is very important that the United States must take action to educate new drivers of the distracted driving laws. This includes creating educational programs that are made mandatory as well as available to new drivers. The United States has to make a very clear as to how dangerous texting and driving really is. When teenagers are first rewarded with their license, they are also taught and given the knowledge of the dangers of drinking and driving. Teens aren’t given much information on texting and driving, and they get into the vehicle with the false knowledge that texting and driving is not dangerous and nothing will happen to them. These thoughts must be put aside and replaced with the knowledge of the dangers and consequences of texting while driving.Texting while driving costs thousands of Americans their lives each year and steadily each year this number increases as the popularity of texting increases. The United States government should take strong action against this rising action of texting while driving because while each state respectively has their own laws towards this, not all of them are strong enough to persuade people to put their phones down. The government would have to pass a legislation that would merge laws and fortify punishment in order to decrease the number of deaths while texting and driving that include all ages. In addition, the government should provide education programs that thoroughly goes through the dangers of texting while driving.


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