Getting as an adult education class or a community

an education is the most important obstacle in your life. It may be tough, but
it will be worth it in the end. Having a diploma can help you financially,
getting a job, and surviving the 21st century. It is hard to live a
life with a high school diploma for many reasons. Most jobs require a high
school diploma to work, which the job can then help you financially and you
will survive. However, if you don’t get your high school diploma, you can face
some major consequences. Some may say it is easy to get a diploma, others say
it’s a battle to the finish line. Going to high school is important, and every
child should have the opportunity to attain a high school diploma.

            America’s current education system
has been around since the 19th century. Individuals had created an
education system to converge the demands of the industrial revolution. Fast
forward to the 21st century and we can distinguish that the
education system is unable to meet the needs of our society today. In an
article called “What’s Wrong with American High Schools” by Bill Gates, there
are three ways that can put an end to falling schools. The first point he poses
is that “every state should be committed to turning around falling schools and
opening new ones.” Many schools have found themselves at the edge of a cliff.
This makes parents, students, employees, and the community feel like a target.
In most cases, a school closing is unavoidable but the board of education
should look into other forms of education. Instead of shutting down these
schools, the school board should contemplate other community uses, such as an
adult education class or a community center. The beginning to closing down
public schools should not be a myopic plan. The approach should focus on a
quality education for all of our nation’s children. Even if a student does go
to a falling high school, if they really wanted to graduate and succeed in
life, they would teach themselves on their own time so they wouldn’t fail at a
failing school. Students need to put in the effort and parents need to push
their children into trying harder at school. The time a student spends in a
classroom is not enough and there needs to be some type of learning outside of
school. There is an absence of parental involvement in academics which causes a
lack of educational motivation for students to learn. It’s not just parent. The
board of education doesn’t know how to control high school dropouts. Every time
high school dropouts are mentioned, it all focuses on money. According to the
U.S. Census Statistics “38 percent of high school dropouts fall below the
poverty line, compared with 18 percent of total households in every
demographic.” It’s clear that a high school diploma can be a ticket to higher
wages. Even if an individual does drop out of high school, they cannot be
denied a job. Instead of managers focusing on as earners, they need to merit
them as learners so they can encourage them to get their high school diploma. Gates
states that we need to “publish data that measures our progress toward that
goal…. and this data must be broken down by race and income.” We need to
measure our progress towards having positive schools. By doing this, the school
board of education can discover new ways in helping failing schools. But this
measure should not include the race and income of students. Children’s race and
income does not affect the school, it’s the education system that isn’t at the
right standards for children in the 21st century. Technology comes
with its downsides in the education system. It is great way for educational
opportunities and engagement in a classroom but it makes it more strenuous for
teachers to keep up with a classroom setting since every student’s technology
and knowledge ways varies. Technology also brings a whole new era on cheating.
Academic dishonesty is on the rise and it’s nothing new. Students who cheat
don’t think that they are doing something wrong, instead they get rewarded for
cheating by getting a good grade. Schools need to invent an anti-cheating
policy that need to be updated consistently. School is for a student to learn,
not to waste their time.

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Korea’s education system is a necessity to Korean citizens because they believe
that their children needs to have an education. They are taught in a way that
they become ideologists. The subjects that are taught are more towards the
science and technology area rather than reading and math. The board of
education in North Korea wants to “transform its citizens into reliable
communists.” The education consists of three types of school: general school,
continuing school and special purposes. The general school system has
kindergarten through tenth grade. Kindergarten is two years, elementary is four
years, higher-level middle school is six year, lower-level middle school is
four, and high school is two years. The continuing education system is up to
the student’s choice. If they would like to go to a university and get a
degree, that is considered going into the continuing education system. Special
purpose schooling is for talented children or children from an elite class.
These special purpose schools are preforming arts schools which begins at age 5
and lasting for 10 years. According to UNESCO, “education must be geared toward
promoting understanding, cooperation, peace and respect for human rights and
fundamental freedoms for all its students and citizens.”  After finishing high school, the system is
divided into colleges, universities, and vocational colleges. Men are required
to serve in the military while woman may enter the job market or join the
military as well. North Korea’s education is mainly focused to propel
revolutionary ideas to advance Korean technology. Physical education serves its
purpose by making citizens fit for labor and military duty. The goals of North
Korean education does not focus on values such as peace, equality and humanity
and is “no different from raising slaves.” Students as young as three years old
are taught about the greatness of communist ideology and their leaders. It
wants to shape the young minds into believing the North Korean way. Uniformity
is the most common characteristic in high schools. It closely related to the
political system, comparable to the government. Therefore creativity and
diversity are rarely taught in North Korean schools. Overall, the education
system wants to produce more worshippers of the North Korean regime instead of
producing creative and unique individuals. North Korea is the most isolated
country that blatantly abuses human rights. There is nowhere in the world that
a country had a system of ideological manipulation towards the education system
of North Korea. The education system renders the citizens of North Korea to blindness
and voiceless, because they are unable to speak up against their leader. As
long as the community allows them to continue its education system the way it
is, the cycle of suppression and tyranny will continue.

high schools are more focused on subjects rather than preparing students for
the real world. They allow students to take classes that some may not need for
their degree or their future. High schools in America need to focus on real
world classes such as allowing the student to take certain classes to prepare
them for their future. Also, the school board needs to encourage students to
stay in school and to try their best. We need to eliminate the ability to drop
out of high school. It is so easy to quit but it is hard to get back that position.
However in North Korea, students are engaged in classes where they learn more
about the government. Parents want their children to be a part of the North
Korean regime and become and ideologist in inventing new things to help the
society they live in. North Korean schools are mostly based off science and
math, but they need to include reading and writing because we use language in
our everyday lives. They need to bring out the creativity of the students
instead of pushing them to focus on inventing ways to help the government and
society. Instead of living up the needs of children, the education system
relates to the political system. School is to learn, not about the government,
but about different subject such as reading and math. You can’t force someone
to go to high school but every child should have the chance to go to high
school. A high school diploma can determine where you will go in life and how
far you will go. Without a high school diploma, you will not get to the road of


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